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Radiodiagnostics at Samagracare

Ultrasonography, Colour Doppler, Echocardiography, & X-Ray, in a fully climatised environment.

Radiodiagnostics is one of our core services that enable doctors to determine the course of treatment by accurately diagnosing you, with minimum invasiveness.
Our Radiodiagnostics Department works closely as part of your Care Team with the physicians, specialists, nurses, and paramedical staff. Imaging services include Ultrasonography, Colour Doppler, Echocardiography, and X-Ray.


  • USG Whole Abdomen
  • USG TVS (Transvaginal ultrasound)
  • USG follicular/ovulation study
  • USG Obstetric
  • 3D, 4D SCAN / TARGET SCAN / LEVEL 2 SCAN / Anomaly
  • USG Breast Both
  • B-SCAN/Orbital ultrasound
  • USG Chest
  • USG Cranium (trans cranial)
  • USG Neck/Thyroid
  • USG scrotum
  • USG musculoskeletal
  • USG Tapping

Colour Doppler

  • Colour Doppler- Abdomen/Portovenös
  • Colour Doppler – Carotid
  • Colour Doppler – Renal
  • Colour Doppler – Obstetrics
  • Colour Doppler – Scrotum
  • Colour Doppler- Extremities (Arterial & Venous)


  • X-Ray Abdominal
  • X-Ray Arm
  • X-Ray Both Knee
  • X-Ray C. Spine
  • X-RAY Chest
  • X-Ray Clavicle
  • X-RAY Coccyx
  • X-Ray D.L. Spine
  • X-Ray Elbow
  • X-Ray Full Leg
  • X-Ray Hip Joint
  • X-Ray PNS Water
  • X-Ray Ribs

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